Average Salary Of An Engineer

What does a mechanical engineer earn?

To get an idea of the prospects for mechanical engineering careers, and what a mechanical engineer can earn, read on.

The total number of mechanical engineers employed in the U.S. in 2009 was roughly 1.6 million, and of these, 239,000 were mechanical engineers (14.9%), making it the second largest discipline by size behind civil (278,000). The total number of mechanical engineering jobs in 2009 was projected to grow 6% over the next decade, with average starting salaries for mechanical engineers being $58,800 with a bachelor’s degree. The median annual income of mechanical engineers in the U.S. workforce was roughly $74,900. This number was highest when working for the government ($86,250), and lowest in education ($63,050).
In 2007, a Canadian mechanical engineer’s salary was an average of CAD$29.83 per hour with 4% unemployed. The average for all occupations was $18.07 per hour with 7% unemployed. Twelve percent of these engineers were self-employed, and since 1997 the proportion of female engineers had risen to 6%.

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